Haus Oberösterreich: Kino

About us

Responsible for the content: student association of the residents of the Upper Austrian studenthome Vienna
Chairman: Jakob Halbmayr
Address: Hermanngasse 2A, 1070 Vienna

Keep in mind we are the student association!

For questions regarding the application for Haus Oberösterreich or if there are rooms available please contact the responsible body WIST OÖ - see below.
because we are getting a lot of requests, as a newcommer it is only possible to move into a double room. Said again, no matter what, as a newcommer to move into a single room is not possible. ;-)


Responsible body: Wirtschaftshilfe der Studierenden Oberösterreich (WIST)
Address: J.-W.-Kleinstraße 72, 4020 Linz
Phone: +43(0)732-251533


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