Haus Oberösterreich: Kino

Shared accomodation

We have shared shower and WC. On each floor are two shared kitchens, one for the single rooms and one for the double rooms. Everybody gets a box to store his or her kitchen equipment.

All shared accomodation is cleaned daily by our cleaning workers. The dorm rooms are not cleaned, you have to do it by yourself.

On the third floor is the so-called living room, it can be used to watch television for instance. In the living room you can also find some newspapers and magazines, a list of them can be found here.

On the fifth floor is a silent learning-room for all who have to prepare for exams.

Of course it is possible to do your laundry, there are some washing machines in the dorm. One wash costs 0,50€.

We also have enough place for your bicycle - but be aware of bicycle thieves, there are too much of them in vienna.