Haus Oberösterreich: Kino

Double rooms

Haus Oberösterreich offers 222 beds, thereof 110 single rooms and 112 double room places. For students who move in, only double room places are available, afterwards all students who live in the dorm have the chance to move to a single room.

Single rooms

The single rooms can be divided in 55 "balcony rooms" and 55 "courtyard rooms".

The allocation of a single room is done by a special internal process. Students who already live in Haus Oberösterreich can applicate for a single room whenever a single room is available. If there is more than one interested person, a ranking is done to find the "winning" person.

The ranking criteria are (in this order):

  1. "Benutzervertrag*" or guest contract  (priorization with "Benutzervertrag")
  2. date of move-in (priorization with earlier date of move-in)

*Benutzervertrag: Moving-in students from the federal state of Upper Austria get a "Benutzervertrag", all other students get a guest contract. For questions about the contract types please ask WIST.